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Movie Reviews [18 May 2004|08:55am]

Saw some movies at work again. Went something like this...
  • TROY – You’ll marvel at Brad Pitt’s Triple Lutz Death Stab, you’ll giggle at lines like “The Trojans have never been conquered,” and, during the lengthy battle sequences, you’ll fight to stay awake!
  • COFFEE AND CIGARETTES – I’ll pass on both, thanks. If they made a movie called POT AND WAFFLES, I’d be all over it!
  • NEW YORK MINUTE – If I had to choose a favorite between Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen (and thank goodness I don’t!), I’d go with Ashley because she’s already got a stripper name.
  • VAN HELSING – Kate Beckinsale has been adorable in horrible movies since 1993, but the latest offering from the director of THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS is without a doubt the latest offering from the director of THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS.
  • MEAN GIRLS (aka CHECK OUT THE BOOBS ON LINDSAY LOHAN!) - Forget comparisons to HEATHERS, the cafeteria cliques scene is lifted right out of the Katie Holmes movie DISTURBING BEHAVIOR. I can’t tell you how sad I am about noticing that.
  • MAN ON FIRE – Tony Scott shows us once again that revenge is a dish best served with pretty photography and choppy editing.
  • 13 GOING ON 30 – Gave me 6 inches going on 6 and a half!

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[04 Aug 2003|12:20pm]

What's up with our Project Page?

It's all blank...and uh....stuff.
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Welcome [25 Jul 2003|04:22pm]

Welcome to the Film Fuckers project's community. Feel free to join the community, and if you would like to be a posting member and contribute to our wonderful little idea, please contact me by one of the methods in my profile. Enjoy you rat bastards.
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I post a lot on the other site, I'll post here [25 Jul 2003|02:07pm]

This is the kind of Camera that my homboy Ahren gnarbraux uses


My Friend Neil uses editing programs like "Final Cut Pro," (AKA "Vegas Video" on PC) and After Effects. He also has about 200 Gigs of HD Space to abuse on his MAC.
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Nyeah! [25 Jul 2003|10:49am]

[ mood | HaHaHaHaHa ]

Dibs on first Community Posting!!

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